Rena (Nanny) and Charlotte Rena (Nanny) and Maude Viola Clementine - Nanny's mother
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We at Doc Kendrick have accumulated some recipes we'd like to share with you. Please feel free to offer comments and/or suggestions, or even to submit your own recipe using Doc Kendrick products.

An easy recipe with lots of flavor!
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Doc's Twice as Nice Pie Spice livens up these tasty classic cookies.
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Thank you Ian & Sharee for submitting this recipe!
A quick soup that satisfies!
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Doc's Chili Powder gives this recipe exceptional flavor!
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A Traditional Pie with Superior Flavor!
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This incredibly easy recipe can be used with a variety of meats.
Cream of Chicken Soup
Put more "snap" into your Gingersnap cookies with Doc's Twice as Nice Pie Spice.
Snappy Gingersnaps
Using Doc's Garlic Game Rub under the skin of the Chicken prior to roasting produces flavorful, juicy results.
Roast Garlic Chicken
This recipe can be used for Pork or Venison tenderloin and is easily doubled or tripled to feed more hungry hunters.
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An easy twist to an old favorite using Doc's Twice as Nice Pie Spice. I hope you enjoy this pie as much as we do.
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Create tasty bacon with Doc's Ultimate Pepper Blend.
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Doc Kendrick's Open Season Salt Blend adds a lot of flavor to fried potatoes.
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